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Mimir Fiber Optic 
4K HDMI Cable



Design for transmitting the 4K@60Hz Ultra HD display signal in a lossless way even a long distance. Supports HDMI 2.0 standard protocol with 18Gbps bandwidth and downward support for version 1.4/1.2/1.1
The optical fiber HDMI AOC cable transmits optical signals including high-definition signals and is not subject to external electromagnetic interference.
Supports REC2020, dynamic HDR and VRR(Variable Refresh Rate) ensures Ultra HD cinematic experience and 3D visual effects for streaming and gamin.
Plug and play, widely compatible with Blu-ray players, Fire TV, Apple TV, PS4, PS3, XBox one, Xbox 360, computers and other HDMI-enabled devices to TVs, displays, A/V receivers and more
Ultra-thin cable with gold-plated connector resist corrosion and ensure premium video and audio output. Durable and flexible TPE jacket construction with zinc alloy housing.


Model No. : CAH01KAOH4, CAH02KAOH4
Interface : HDMI Connector Source x 1, Display x 1
Length : 10m, 20m
Weight: 272g +/- 5g, 486g +/- 5g
Warranty:36 Months



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