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What is Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0?

Updated: May 5, 2021

Its full name is "Quick Charge", and the abbreviation is "QC". Quick Charge, also known as QC, is a charging technology based on "a system on a chip" developed by Qualcomm, a US company. It enables the charging rate of supported input/output devices to surpass standard USB. There are three different versions of this technology: Quick Charge, Quick Charge 2.0, and Quick Charge 3.0. In the following section, we will provide a brief introduction of the latest version, QC 3.0.

Special Characteristics of QC 3.0 .Basic features of QC 3.0 include: 

The first instance of using the Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage (INOV) algorithm.

1.QC 3.0 is backward compatible. It can be used with devices equipped with older versions of the Quick Charge technology, including QC 2.0 and QC. Furthermore, hi-tech products equipped with USB-A/USB-C ports are also supported.

2.Compared to Qualcomm's QC 2.0, its charging efficiency is 38% faster.

3.When charging with QC 3.0, it will automatically select an appropriate voltage within the range of 6 V and 20 V. It can charge your mobile devices under optimal conditions and with minimal power loss. Furthermore, it can improve heating and efficiency issues.

4.When charging devices which support QC 3.0, it will only take 35 minutes to charge a battery from 0 to 80%.


Quick Charge Logo

If you have questions, please visit Qualcomm's official website for more information. 

QC 3.0 information on Qualcomm's official website

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