Elec UV Sterilizer

with Wireless Charger



Push-to-activate starts a 5-minute 360-degree coverage sealed sterilization process with auto-off and voice prompt.

Sterilization rate reaches 99.9% by using the harmless UV LED light

Lightweight and big-volume design allow users to sterilize earphones, masks, watches, jewelry, personal products, or a 7-inch mobile device

The built-in wireless charging module provides up to 15W of power, allowing charging during sterilization.

The wireless charging supports all series of qi-compatible Apple/Android devices.


Model No. : ECOUVSC26F

Input: DC 5V    2A, 9V    2A

Wireless Charging Output:15W(MAX) Matching

Sterilize Power: 2W

Conversion Efficiency:    78%

Dimensions:222mm * 120mm * 32mm

Cavity Size: 179mm * 105mm * 27mm

Weight: 285g +/- 5g

Warranty:12 Months



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Elec box with single-button-operation design auto activates the sterilization process with auto-off and voice prompt.