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DisplayPort Cable 1.4 1.8m / 3m



Compatible with VESA DP 1.4 standard and downward compatible to DP 1.3/1.2/1.0With the High Bit Rate (HBR3) mode, the data transfer rate is able to reach up to 32.4Gbps.The DP cable supports 8K UHD (7680 × 4320) at 60 Hz or 4K UHD (3840 × 2160) at 120 Hz.The DP cable supports HDR(High-dynamic-range) with up to 32 inline audio channels and a 1536kHz sampling rate. It is also FEC(Forward Error Correction) with DSC(Display Stream Compression) enabled.The feature of Multi-Stream Transport allows a computer to connect multiple monitors. (May require Graphic Card / The function enabled.)The Plug and play DP cable features locking connectors to prevent accidental disconnection.PVC cable with Gold-plated connector and tinned copper wire with double-layer metal sheath help reduce Electromagnetic interference.


Interface:DisplayPort x 2

Lenght:1.8M / 3M

Weight: 105g +/- 5g, 211g +/- 5g 

Warranty:36 Months



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