Fair and Expert

Create the gadgets that filled with warmth; technology no longer expensive.

Amaze the Experience

Feel the beauty of technology and convenience through the improvement of life experience.

Steady yet Innovative

A team of experienced professionals formed and committed to developing innovative products.

Our Insistence X Product Quality

The love we have for our products is the same way you feel about Feeltek products, and having trust is the most important thing. 

Creating the perfect product endorsement within a reasonable amount of time 

How do you showcase a brand's true value? Only by focusing on consumer peace of mind can a brand continue to exist. Feeltek is committed to complete each task with efficiency and perfection. Let us take a look at how this is accomplished:

OEM Certified Products 

Everyone has seen or heard about "certifications", but do they know the real purpose behind it? Many OEMs have launched certification mechanisms, and the goal is to provide consumers with safe and trustworthy guarantees. 

Feeltek has accomplished it. Our Apple peripheral products are manufactured by Apple certified suppliers, and we are displaying the MFi mark for easy identification. 

Feeltek firmly believes that each product you hold in hand is the accumulation of your trust in us.

Team X Member

Each FTK employee has received training at publicly listed companies. Even though every one of us have worked in different departments and have different expertise, we all share the same ideas and goals. And now, we are all gathered here.

While working for the same company, we strive to make a difference.

These six departments are closely related to consumer spending. There are professional personnel monitoring every stage of the product manufacturing process. While your feedback is extremely important to us, please feel free to give us your support and encouragement as well.


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