Feeltek CI Video 2020

Feeltek CI Video 2020

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As long as you like it !

How do we do to provide the product and experience close to you?



Regarding the low-quality electronic products flooding the market that often bothered you, professionals from various fields gathered and continuously brainstormed to create the technologies close enough to know you.

Feeltek was born then.
In the Information Age, convenient technology gadgets are required for all sorts of work including gaming, reading, and social networking. You will need a light charger to expeditiously charge your device as well as a professional hub to quietly sort your tasks.
With years of experiences, from the PCB to industrial design, perfection is the goal that Feeltek has been pursuing. Starting from 2018, series of USB-C Hubs is one of Feeltek’s greatest works.
In the intersection of new and old, we expect to develop innovative ideas on the basis of our research and design capability. We are eager to push ourselves forward to be representative of technology. We feel the necessity of technology in our daily lives to complete your perfect day, so we try the best we can to provide the gadget that fits your need.


Cord Brand Value

Design Your Brand

Fair and Expert

Create the gadgets that filled with warmth; technology no longer expensive.

Amaze the Experience

Feel the beauty of technology and convenience through the improvement of life experience.

Steady yet Innovative

A team of experienced professionals formed and committed to developing innovative products.

Quality Control

You think you can , you can.

Our Insistence X Product Quality

The love we have for our products is the same way you feel about Feeltek products, and having trust is the most important thing. 

Creating the perfect product endorsement within a reasonable amount of time 

How do you showcase a brand's true value? Only by focusing on consumer peace of mind can a brand continue to exist. Feeltek is committed to complete each task with efficiency and perfection. Let us take a look at how this is accomplished: