What is the Apple MFi Program?何謂蘋果MFi認證計畫?

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

It is an OEM-certification mark developed by Apple. MFi stands for "Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod". When we see this mark displayed on the package of a product, it means the product manufactured by the OEM meets Apple's strict performance standards, and the OEM has received authorization to use the MFi mark. Just like the product itself, the packaging must be submitted for review as well. In addition to display information such as product specifications and dimensions, the product's marketing range and devices supported must be clearly stated as well.

是蘋果公司所發展的一種原廠認證標章。MFi是Made for iPhone, iPad and iPod的縮寫,我們一般可以在產品包裝的外盒上看到這樣的標章,就表示這間公司出產的此項產品是通過原廠嚴格檢測標準,並授權使用MFi標章。同樣的,連同包裝本身也須送交審核,上面除了放置規範尺寸的標章外,還須註明產品販售的範圍與支援的機種文字。

Advantages of Joining the MFi Program

Not only being an indicator, but also conclude the following items:



1.On average, only 2% of the manufacturers who apply pass the certification process and receive the license to use this mark. A warning message will appear if you connect a device to a non-certified product, such as the Lightning connector.


2.All certified products have been inspected by the same quality control process (different types of products must follow different specifications), which means consumers can purchase and use these products with a peace of mind.


3.It means these products were manufactured on a larger scale, by brands and R&D personnel who can meet the specified standards.


MFi Logo

How can I make sure that a company's products are OEM-certified? 

By searching the official public database of authorized MFi accessories.

You can now purchase and use the product with a peace of mind!




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