USB Power Delivery Technology何謂USB Power Delivery技術?

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Also known as the USB PD technology. It is the interface currently being promoted by the USB Implementers Forum. The goal of this technology is for users to charge various devices, such as a laptop or a tablet, with just one cable. In addition, devices can be charged without a transformer.

簡稱為USB PD技術,是由USB-IF協會正全力推廣架構的規範,目的在於以後只要要使用一條線,就可以充電筆電,或平板...等而無需透過變壓器就可以處於供電狀態

Basic features include: 

* The first instance of using the Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage (INOV) algorithm. 

* Just one cable can be used for multiple devices.

PD 特點


1.首度採用最佳電壓智慧協商(Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage, INOV)演算法


1.Higher wattage electricity can be transferred to your device from the product via a USB-C connector.可從產品經由USB-C接頭傳送更高瓦數的電力到您的裝置

2.Increased safety while supplying higher wattage, and able to make current adjustments based on different devices. Furthermore, capable of providing power to larger devices, such as a laptop, gaming machine, or tablet.提供高瓦數的同時更加安全,針對不同裝置自動調整電流並可為大型的裝置如筆電、遊戲機台、平板提供電力

3.With the two-way transmission capability, you can charge and transfer data simultaneously between two devices.具備雙向互通性,可在兩台裝置間一邊充電一邊傳輸

4.Compared to products delivering 5 W of power, the charging speed is increased by nearly 70%.跟產品5W的傳輸電力相比,提高近70%的電力極速傳輸速度


PD does not only offer a faster speed, it also unified the use of power cables. Both Android and Apple devices support this type of quick charging application to bring the easiest and most convenient charging experience to consumers!


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