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What is smart auto-disconnect protection?

Updated: May 5, 2021

Once the product is connected to a power source, current begins to flow and the product is activated. When load is encountered during operation, the built-in mechanism will automatically cut off the power to protect the product as well as the user.

Behaviors that cause auto-disconnect 

In most cases, the reason for cutting off the power supply can be attributed to one of the following five causes:

1.Short Circuit Protection 

Determining if a short circuit has occurred by detecting the difference before and after outputting voltage.

2.Overload Protection 

After connecting the product to a power source, the rated power load is too great, which results in the activation of the auto-disconnect protection.

3.Overcurrent Protection

When the current passing through has exceeded the maximum value set for the product, auto-disconnect protection will be activated.

4.Overvoltage Protection 

When the product detects a voltage that is too high, the voltage will be dropped immediately to prevent damaging the connected device.

5.Overheat Protection 

During product use, if the internal temperature has reached the upper limit, the connection will be cut off automatically. This is a safety mechanism to prevent product overheating.

Many products available on the market today are equipped with the five features listed above, which can be used as the basis for selling or purchasing a product. After all, more protection will provide more safety. Please remember to always choose carefully when you purchase an electronic product.

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